As the Cambrian News has ceaselessly pointed out, the pay of top earners at Ceredigion council is grossly inflated.

These salaries - notably chief executive Eifion Evans’s £137,000 - soar above those paid to parallel officials at other county councils and exceed the pay of Welsh government ministers.

They also come within a credit card’s width of remuneration for such as the chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, and Mark Drakeford (both £148,000).

Set these slim cash differences against the gulfs in relative levels and scope of responsibilities and calls for pay cuts become irresistible.

But what has now crystallsed that argument is the emergence of details of proposed Ceredigion spending cuts, several of which could be avoided if top county council salaries were slashed.

For example, winter gritting of icy roads is to be reduced to save £25,000. What? Are we really prepared to compromise road-safety and, by doing so, risk loss of life and injuries when pay cuts would maintain safety?

Then there’s scrapping of support for culture and the arts, both of which are perhaps currently more important than ever as antidotes and counter-balances to the demoralising effect of a welter of bad news at home and abroad.

A £30,000 loss of subsidy for Aberystwyth Arts Centre, and £14,000 in the case of Theatr Mwldan while officials are paid more than can basically be justified, and more than can be afforded, is simply not acceptable.